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feb 17th

Manawa Snodeo

February, 17 2017

Bear Lake Resort, Hwy. 22/110, Manawa

Event Description:
Friday, Feb 17
• Ride With The Vets
• Luncheon at Noon
• Guest Speaker
• Trailride at 1 pm

Saturday, Feb 18
Racing at 9 am
•  Pro-Vintage Racing - Ovals
• Lakecross - Slalom
• Radar Runs - All Day - 660’
• U.S. National Challenge - Day 1

Sunday, Feb 19
Racing Begins at 10:00 am
• Sleds & Ice Bikes
• Ovals
• WKCR Kitty Cats
• Radar Runs • All Day • 660'
• U.S. National Challenge - Day 2

The function of the Manawa Snodeo is to provide a safe, controlled environment for individuals to display their talents on an outdoor power sports vehicle in  closed-course winter conditions. The Snodeo is also intended to promote the hobby of snowmobiling, while encouraging a sense of community by including other civic organizations.

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